Snowden Pond at Montpelier is a small community of colonial homes nestled in a rural zone of Prince George’s County, south of Laurel, Maryland. It’s proximity to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge and Beltsville Agriculture Research Center create the ambience of wooded country space, yet residents enjoy convenient access to three major metropolitan areas.

Slow Down in the Community

The Association is currently having a Neighborhood Traffic Survey conducted by the Prince George's County Police Department.  The goal of the survey is to improve neighborhood livability by reducing speeds and the impact of vehicular traffic on residential streets while providing safe, efficient movement of persons and goods throughout the Community.  This study will take 60 to 90 days for completion.



How Do You Respond?

When someone on the street asks you for help, how do you respond?

​We all find ourselves confronted with these situations, and it can be uncomfortable because we don't know the right thing to do or say. Homelessness is easy to ignore as we go about our daily routines, but coming face to face with someone on the street is a gut-wrenching reminder that 29,670 people don't have a safe place to sleep at night, right here in our nation's wealthiest state.

One easy way to help someone in crisis is to hand them a resource card. They may be new to the area or unaware of where to go for help.

Download Homeless Resource Cards for the Laurel area.

Discover your Home’s Cost Savings Potential

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HOA Communications

The source for all official HOA communications is through the U.S. Post Office from Sentry Management Company. For convenience, a member volunteer maintains this website with links to the Sentry Resident Portal and the unofficial Snowden Pond Facebook and Twitter accounts. Residents are encouraged to share photos and tweets with the understanding that privacy is not guaranteed when using the unofficial communication channels.