Snowden Pond at Montpelier is a small community of colonial homes nestled in a rural zone of Prince George’s County, south of Laurel, Maryland. It’s proximity to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge and Beltsville Agriculture Research Center create the ambience of wooded country space, yet residents enjoy convenient access to three major metropolitan areas.

Trees Protect Water Quality

Plant Trees

One of the most overlooked and underappreciated benefits of trees is their ability to reduce the volume of water rushing through gutters and pipes following a storm. This means:

  • Cleaner water when the runoff reaches rivers and lakes
  • Enough groundwater to maintain summer streamflow
  • Less investment in expensive infrastructure
  • Reduced risk of local flooding

Tree leaves and needles break the force of rain, slowing the movement of water and reducing water pollution, runoff and flooding. In addition, tree roots and leaf litter create soil conditions that promote the infiltration of rainwater into the soil.

Everyone knows that trees grace our lives with beauty, but trees also enhance our lives in very practical ways. When we “treevitalize” our communities, we reap the rewards!

From the air we breathe to the value of our homes to the health of our local waterways, there are many benefits to incorporating trees in urban landscapes. Trees also give shelter to wildlife, cool our communities, muffle noise and provide privacy. Overall, trees increase property values, save energy, add beauty and grace to our communities, and become a priceless heritage for future generations.

Support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The State of the Bay Report makes it clear that the Bay needs our support now more than ever. Your donation helps the Chesapeake Bay Foundation maintain our momentum toward a restored Bay, rivers, and streams for today and generations to come.


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Do you know which PGPD Division Serves Snowden Pond?


Beltsville - Division VI

Commander: Major Jason L. Fisher
Assistant Commander: Captain Susan Smith

Division 6 is located in the northernmost region of the County and bordered to the west by Montgomery County, to the north by Howard County, and to the east by Anne Arundel County.

Division 6 communities include:

  • Beltsville
  • Calverton
  • Greenbelt
  • Unincorporated Laurel

Find Snowden Pond on their beat map in section C4!

To learn more about our local police force, visit Police Department | Prince George's County, MD (



HOA Communications

The source for all official HOA communications is through the U.S. Post Office from Sentry Management Company. For convenience, a member volunteer maintains this website with links to the Sentry Resident Portal and the unofficial Snowden Pond Facebook and Twitter accounts. Residents are encouraged to share photos and tweets with the understanding that privacy is not guaranteed when using the unofficial communication channels.